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Are People Sharing Your Tweets? It Just Got Harder to Tell!

Phillip Reinhardt

Social networks are always making additions to their sites, changing the format, and even taking away familiar features. Most recently, Twitter made a big change to its platform that has a lot of digital marketing professionals up in arms.


You may have noticed already, but if you haven’t, Twitter just stopped displaying share counts on its tweet buttons. This may not seem like a big deal to the everyday user, but to marketers and publishers, it just got a lot harder to measure the popularity of content.


The elimination of the share button wasn’t out of the blue. Twitter announced the move in October, claiming it needed to make changes to consolidate and simplify its platform, and that the API endpoint previously used to count shares was unofficial and not all that accurate.


But don’t you fear, because there are still alternatives to measure tweet shares, such as the free OpenShareCount. The developer says it will work with any third-party button, but use it at your own risk – it’s still a beta product.

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