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Ad Spend Waste Giving You a Scare? We’re Here to Help!

David Bosley

The team at PBJ Marketing is always in the mood for a good scare; that’s why we’ve already set aside our favorite horror flick to watch this October. But one scare we hate is wasted ad spend, and if you don’t pay attention it can creep up on you, too! No one is safe!

When you examine your company’s budget, it’s easy to spot big spikes in spending. Ad spend, however, can creep up very slowly and is difficult to spot at first glance. Luckily, with a trained eye, rising ad spend is easily identifiable. The first thing to always check is search queries, but if nothing appears out of the ordinary, you’ll need to dig a bit deeper into the details.

Location Targeting

Odds are the vast majority of your business takes place in the United States, but if not, ignore this tip. To start your ad spend overhaul, identify where the majority of your clicks originate. There’s a good chance that some of your clicks are coming from different countries. Individually these don’t add up to very much, but combine them and put them on an extended timeline and your ad spend will take a big hit. Luckily, you can select to only have your ads appear to “people in my targeted location” to solve this problem.

Ad Scheduling

When is the last time you examined your ad delivery schedule? You know your industry better than anyone, and you know what ads users want to see and when they want to see them. If you want to buckle down your budget, start by reviewing when your quality leads come in and focus on the days with lots of activity. For example, If you have a history of rarely gaining new leads through your ad spend on Sunday, scale back the amount of ad spend allocated to that day.

Device Targeting

Consumer browsing habits change on a daily basis, and if you want to solve the mystery of ad spend creep, you need to examine your device targeting and modify if based on your needs. If the vast majority of users navigating to your site are on mobile devices, you’ll want to look at the cost per clock on the devices that matter most.

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