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6 Ways to Jump-Start Your Social Media Ads in the New Year

Social media ads are a crucial part of any digital marketing initiative, but your strategy needs to adapt over time to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Not that we’re in New Year, Marketing Land has a few tips to jump-start your social ads in 2017.

  1. Social ad costs are down… take advantage!Ad costs on social platforms notoriously spike during the fourth quarter ever year, as large retailers and e-commerce sites push for more holiday sales. The start of every New Year marks a rapid dip in social ad share competition – yielding cheaper costs per impression and cost per click – so be sure to take full advantage.
  2. Hit the refresh button on your creative and copyThere is no better time than the New Year to implement new images, video, and copy into your social ads. Look back at what performed best in 2016 on the creative front and try to emulate it.
  3. Try out a new platformCommon social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn most likely serve as the battlegrounds for your social media ads, but they are crowded with competition. In 2017, consider branching out to newer platforms like Pinterest and Snapchat – you could be surprised by the results.
  4. Adjust your target audience?Your target audience needs to be periodically updated to ensure your social ads are getting through to the right consumers. You also need to update your exclusions list, so ads aren’t being wasted on the wrong people. Also, update seed audiences used for Lookalike and "Actalike" audiences to incorporate any high-quality customers acquired during the final three months of 2016.
  5. Go after repeat customersCustomers are much more valuable if they make their second purchase from your company right away. Use social media ads as an additional touch point to convert on customers acquired in the fourth quarter. In all likelihood, targeting repeat customers will keep them loyal to your brand in 2017 and beyond.
  6. Don’t forget to audit your trackingEvery one of the previous points are for nothing if you don’t accurately track your social ad performance. Start 2017 on the right foot and perform a thorough audit of our ads to ensure they’re performing to the best of their ability. However, these checks can be confusing, so don’t be afraid to enlist the help of a professional.
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