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6 Tips to More Effectively Publish FB Videos

These days, scrolling through a Facebook newsfeed is second nature. Most users gloss over photos of the friends and family, recent news updates, and ads from their favorite brands. However, if you’re anything like us here at PBJ Marketing, you’ve noticed a significant change in recent months.Video is quickly becoming the preferred way to strengthen brands on social media, and Facebook even published a few guidelines to help improve video production. The social media giant attracts more than eight billion video views daily, so you might want to take the following tips to heart:

  1. Automate video postingsFacebook features a powerful content calendar that allows users to schedule video postings. Planning ahead is the best way to ensure content is eventually distributed and prevents videos from falling between the cracks.
  2. Set video expiration datesThere are many reasons to set an expiration date, which means it will no longer be visible on your page. Individual licensing restrictions are the most common reason to set an expiration date. You might trust yourself to remember to unpublish a video manually, but why take a chance?
  3. Include captionsFacebook videos autoplay with no sound. Including a caption that tells your story keeps users engaged and gets points across that would otherwise be lost without audio.
  4. Utilize the Video LibraryThe Facebook Video Library is an excellent tool to organize and manage your videos. The Video Library allows you to search and filter videos and also edit and change any details related to a video, such as captions or custom thumbnails.
  5. Embed video across multiple platformsWant to post a video from your Facebook page to your brand’s main website? It’s easy with Facebook’s embedded video player. To access the embed code, simply visit your page’s timeline then copy and paste the embedded code.
  6. Track engagement metricsEngagement metrics are what it all boils down to. Facebook makes it easy to track likes, comments, and shares which help paint a clear picture of your audience. Track these metrics to better understand what type of content encouraged people to take action on your videos.

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