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5 Ways to Make Your Content Shine

David Bosley

While most people view great content as a key element in any competent SEO strategy, the need for stellar content goes far deeper than SEO. SEO is what drives visitors to your website and piques the interest of the major search engines. Content is what drives real-world people to your pages.

People who may eventually become customers, business partners, investors, and more. Without an outstanding array of content, any interest these people may have will be short-lived at best. So, what can you do to make your content shine, so you can get the attention of search engines and people alike? These five tips will help.

1. Inject Personality into Your Content

People want to do business with organizations they find relatable. By injecting a tiny hint of personality into your content, you’re able to build upon your own image and solidify your brand.

It also gives your audience an opportunity to get to know you, what you’re about, and why it is you do what you do. Don’t forget to project excitement over the products you make or services you offer too. After all, your goal is to promote your business. Your content is your biggest tool for doing that.

2. Create Masterful Headlines

The Freelance to Freedom blog discusses the importance of headlines for freelancers as opportunities to make their work shine. It’s also a brilliant tool for shining a light on the work you do as well. Why are headlines so important? According to Copyblogger nearly 80 percent of people searching for your topic will read the headline. Only 20 percent will make it to the content. Your headline is your soundbite, of sorts, that makes surfers decide if they’re willing to dive in and see what’s beneath the surface.

Website content tells a story about you, your company, and your products. What story is your content telling?

3. Make Your Content Reader Friendly

The way you format your content is also crucial for creating compelling content for your Internet audience. Keep in mind that most websites utilize some combination of visual, audio, and text content in order to remain relevant to today’s diverse Internet audience.

With that in mind, the written content on your page needs to be scannable and easy to read and digest. Use the following to add visual appeal to your content:

  • Bolded headlines.
  • Bullet points.
  • Number lists.
  • Short, digestible paragraphs.
  • White spaces on the page.
  • Images.

The idea is to avoid long blocks of text and go easy on the eyes at the same time. Breaking up the content by inserting these types of items and keeping your paragraphs short, helps to do just that.

4. Update for a Mobile Audience

Internet audiences are increasingly mobile audiences. In fact, our research indicates that more than 50 percent of all Internet traffic is initiated on mobile phones today.

What that means for you is that your content needs to be visually appealing and optimized for smaller screens as well as larger screens. This delicate process requires a certain design element for your site to be mobile friendly as well as content formatting.

5. Use Keywords Strategically

Once upon a time, the Internet was filled with websites with little more in the way of content than every possible variety of a keyword imaginable. The content on these websites was designed to attract search engines and cared little about whether it added any value to the user experience.

Search engine bots and website owners have grown a lot savvier since those times. While keywords remain necessary for informing your audience about the products and services you offer, it is equally necessary to use them strategically for maximum effect and avoid stuffing your website content with keywords.