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5 SEM Predications for the New Year

Search engine marketing is constantly evolving, but with a little foresight, you can stay ahead of the curve in 2016. Search Engine Land recently made a few predictions about search trends that will impact revenue in 2016 – check them out below:

  1. Mobile apps need to be optimized – It goes without saying that people are doing more on their smartphones and tablets than ever before. Whether it's shopping, reading the news, playing games, or researching products, an optimized mobile app will significantly strengthen your brand.
  2. Structured data will be more significant – Early in 2015, Google announced the launch of RankBrain, which is a system that helps the search engine giant recognized search queries it's never encountered before and still provide relevant results. Expects this technology to be refined even more in the New Year.
  3. Site layout will be more important – A well-designed website helps with user engagement. New year, brands will need to put greater emphasis on engagement to keep users interested and coming back for more.
  4. A greater emphasis on linking – The next Penguin update is expected to drop in the early weeks of 2016. Google claims the update will clean up major glitches with content linking, and will change the way we currently build link structures.
  5. Quality over quantity – During 2015, we regularly recognized the need for quality content over quantity; a trend that is expected to span into the future and beyond. The year 2016 is likely to see maturation in online marketing as success becomes less defined by a website's ranking and more about the overall online presence.

Read more about the future of SEM at Search Engine Land.Search engine marketing cab is a difficult concept to wrap your head around, but with the help of the dedicated team at PBJ Marketing, you can harness its power and ensure your brand has a strong online presence.

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