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5 Mobile Marketing Pitfalls That Will Cripple Your App

Phillip Reinhardt

It was only recently that mobile user activity exceeded desktop, and numerous projections expect the trend to continue its current trajectory. With this in mind, don’t you think it’s time to solidify your brand’s mobile presence? Because without one, you may as well be in the stone age.

PBJ has a long track record of successful mobile app marketing. Just look what we did with the impressive SAT tool, Zinkerz! Through a targeted app-install media campaign paired with ongoing SEO and content initiatives, we saw an immediate spike in interest and demand for the one-of-a-kind app.

We know, we know… PBJ makes mobile marketing look easy, but the process is filled with numerous pitfalls that are difficult to avoid. Sure, we can take the reigns and guide you through the process, but Kissmetrics put together a helpful outline of a few mobile marketing pitfalls to avoid. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Don’t treat the mobile experience like it’s desktop. If your mobile app functions identical to your desktop website, then there is no incentive for users to download and utilize it. A mobile app should be an entirely different vehicle for your brand’s experience.

2. Always have a marketing plan before you build an app. Like any new product, one of the biggest mistakes is to assume an app will sell itself. Just publishing an app in the app store won’t be enough. Take advantage of your website, social media outlets, and email marketing to spread the word.

3. A mobile website is NOT a mobile app. There is a ton of competition in both the iTunes App Store and Google Play, so the bar for quality apps is incredibly high. Publishing an app that launches your mobile-optimized website probably won’t be received very well.

4. Never ignore retention. People have short attention spans, which is why users abandon 90% of apps they download within six months. The solution is to understand why users open your app and update it accordingly. Before you design your app answer this simple question: why would anyone use this more than five times?

5. Keep your user base in mind. A mobile app gives your brand a direct link to your user base. Think about it. They’re more or less carrying your company around in their pocket. Over time, users will have issues, questions, and suggestions about your mobile app. Field this information and make an adjustment to improve their experience.

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