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5 Digital Marketing Trends For Small Businesses

David Bosley

If you own a small business, you know the importance of spreading the word about your company. But as the world gets increasingly digital, traditional advertising and marketing methods won’t get the job done. Instead, Small Business Trends says there are a few things every small business needs to know about digital marketing.


1. Your website needs to be mobile optimized. More than 70% of all internet consumption is on mobile devices these days, and you need a site that’s mobile-friendly.


2. Focus on local search. Since the vast majority of internet activity is done “on-the-go”, you need to incorporate Local Search Engine Optimization. Start by claiming your business on Google then provide crucial information, such as contact info, hours, and products and services.


3. Email marketing reigns supreme. For small businesses, email marketing remains your most powerful tool. Keep emails short, include a clear call-to-action, and provide plenty of blank space to make it easy for mobile users to click buttons.


4. Online video – especially on social media – is more popular than ever.Internet users love watching videos, so why not accommodate them? Put videos on YouTube and your company website. Creating a YouTube page is free and exposes your business to a larger audience.

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