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5 Digital Marketing Skills You Need to Grow Your Business

David Bosley

Is your business taking full advantage of the digital marketing toolkits that the largest brands in the world have at their fingertips? Having next-level digital marketing doesn’t necessarily require massive investments in technology. Some of the most basic ways to grow your business are reasonably-priced and can be made to fit within many budgets. However, is your marketing team equipped to optimize each of these channels that will help boost your long and short-term revenue? From Google AdWords to content marketing, here are the 5 digital marketing skills that will connect consumers with your brand.

1. Optimizing Google and Bing Ads

Ah, the good old days — when advertising on Google was a low-cost way to reach a broad swath of your customer base. Today’s search engines are charging top dollar for exceptional placement on the search results page. It’s not unusual for businesses to pay upwards of $2 per click, with top keywords going for $20 per click (and more!). When your search engine ads aren’t optimized, you can quickly eat through a modest budget and not have a lot to show for it.

2. Cost-Effective Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media can be an extremely expensive proposition, especially if you’re not careful to target advertising to your core audience members. Broadcasting a message is great for mega-brands, but small businesses need to be selective when creating audiences for social media advertising. That said, anecdotal evidence shows that you can significantly increase foot traffic to a local business by casting a narrow net on social platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Without a thorough understanding of how filters and audience searches work, you may find yourself overpaying for advertising that doesn’t give you the ROI that you need.

3. SEO Best Practices That Keep Your Brand Relevant

Keyword stuffing is a practice whose time has now expired, thankfully! According to SearchEngineJournal.com, optimizing your content for relevance is one of the most important tactics for driving traffic to your website and brand properties. Organic searches often represent a major part of your internet traffic and are often the most cost-effective way to get new prospects and customers in your virtual doors.

4. Targeting Content to Your Audience

People who are searching the web are often looking for ways to solve a particular problem: finding a local restaurant, learning more about a medical condition, researching potential vacation spots or shopping for a new tool or tech toy. When your advertising and content marketing are cohesive, you’re drawing people in with compelling content that paints your organization as a thought leader in the field you want to dominate.

5. How Understanding Analytics = Better Business Decisions

When they are used properly, marketing analytics can help drive better decisions — and provide a competitive advantage for your business. Unfortunately, some organizations are overwhelmed with data and aren’t quite sure which numbers are most relevant for their needs. Having access to someone on your team or with a partner who has a deep understanding of marketing analytics allows you to be more effective at digital marketing:

  • Micro-targeting messages and offers to audiences based on location, demographics and buying patterns
  • Research the most effective ads and tuning them in to supercharge your advertising ROI
  • Improve your overall online customer experience by reducing friction points and smoothing ordering processes
  • Analyzing market gaps with an eye towards new product development

Skills Your Marketing Department Needs

There is a great deal of potential the world of marketing and business analytics, but the expertise can be challenging for many businesses to find.