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4 Ways to Ensure Your Content Meets Millennials’ Needs

David Bosley


Millennials are a demographic the world just can’t seem to stop talking about, and rightfully so. According to NPR there are 80 million of these 19 to 36-year-olds spending an estimated $1 trillion a year, which is quite a bit of market power. Over the past few years, brands have begun exploring new marketing strategies to appeal to America’s largest generation with success and failure along the way.


study conducted by Yahoo, razorfish, Tumblr, and DigitasLBi in 2014 outlines some research supported best practices for marketing to millennials. Luckily for you, I did all the legwork and compiled a few tips on how to tailor your digital content accordingly.


First Things First

The first thing to know about millennials is that, according to the study by Yahoo and others, “they are the first generation to be truly open to not just receiving ads, but engaging with them and sharing them.” The only catch here is, 45% of this unique demographic does not find content compelling enough to share.


So Many Choices
The Yahoo study shows 72% of millennials want to connect to content across the 7.1 devices they have access to on average. Due to the fact that millennials are digital natives who consume trending content on the latest applications and platforms, they expect more from content and want it delivered quickly on both mobile and desktop environments.


What Do You Want From Me? 
When asked what works for social content, millennials responded in a not so surprising way: they enjoy content that is brief, entertaining, funny, fresh, unique, informative, and relevant. How hard could it be to fit all of that into a short video or infographic?


The Human Element
Millennials enjoy brands that aren’t afraid to show a little personality. Go ahead, use some humor, get creative, have some fun, but above all be honest and treat your brand like more than just a logo. Maybe if you can get a few millennials to think your brand is pretty cool, their friends might do the same. Before you know it you might not even have to market tomillennials and you could use all those tweets and shares about you to market with them in an interactive way instead.


If you think it might be time for a content marketing makeover with the help of some of our resident millennials, don’t be shy. We’re happy to help and pretty prompt with our responses if we do say so ourselves.


PBJ Content Writer: Marcus Reamer

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