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Reputation Management: 4 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Not Manage Your Business Reputation in Today’s Digital World

Phillip Reinhardt

It’s hard to make your business stand out on the World Wide Web. As of January 2018, Tek Eye reported there were more than 1.8 billion websites on the Internet. That’s a lot of competition for a limited Internet audience. With so much competition for the limited attention of Internet surfers, it’s crucial that you manage the reputation of your business so that you’re not only getting an appropriate amount of traffic but the right kind of traffic as well. These four reasons are prime examples of why reputation management is so critical for businesses today.

1. Build Credibility and Trust with Consumers

The Internet is a big place in an increasingly small world. You’re competing with billions of other sites for the business of shoppers every day. With so many options for getting the same goods and services, others offer, the only way for your business to stand out in the great big sea of competition is by having a better reputation.

Negative reviews by customers (and in some cases competitors) can sink your business if you don’t take charge and turn them into positive things for your business. Effective reputation management services can help you do just that.

2. Attract Top Talent to Your Team

People want to feel good about the jobs they do. They want to feel like they’re part of something bigger, and sometimes better than what they feel they are. These people often have a lot to offer your organization and they are the types of people you want on your team.

Reputation management allows them to view you as an organization they want to be part of. Make sure you’re using this to your advantage by posting images online of charities your organization supports – especially if you have images of employees participating in these charities and charitable events (like building homes for Habitat for Humanity) or running to support causes like cancer research.

Post images of people happily working in your offices or stores, and retweet positive reviews from employees and/or customers. These things resonate well with people considering employment with your business.

A solid strategy is the key that helps businesses manage their reputations online.

3. Boost Sales

Sales pay the bills and few things encourage people who know little about you to open their wallets and support your business with their dollars than an excellent reputation online. Reputation management, at its most effective, isn’t about negating bad things about your business but highlighting the good.

4. Project a Professional Image

Controlling your reputation online allows you to control your company’s image on the Internet too. This means that your image will draw customers, employees, and others to your business without you needing to invest as heavily in marketing efforts. In fact, a strong enough professional image may also attract others to invest in your business, which is why you want to make sure the message on the World Wide Web about your business is a positive one that will make others feel good about doing business with you, working for you, and investing in your organization.

It’s not always easy to understand the most important moves to make when it comes to managing your reputation online. The fact that you have an emotional investment, often makes you too close to the situation to see things objectively.

Working with a neutral outside source to build a better narrative about your business reputation, control the flow of information on the web about your business, and to tell the story you most want people to see about your business is the right move to make.