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4 Questions to Ask About Your Content "Shareability"

Creating content to promote your brand on social media is no easy task, but if you do it right, users and peers alike will be more than happy to share it with their friends and followers. But how can you determine if your content is truly “shareable”? Luckily, Marketing Land has some compelling questions to ask about your brand’s social media content.

  1. Is your content interesting?According to a recent survey from Fractl, nearly half of all social media users who share content do so because they think their friends and followers will find it interesting. So what qualifies as interesting? At PBJ Marketing we boil it down to three takeaways:Original. Have a unique insight or a hot-take on a current trend or development? Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Just ensure it portrays your brand in the best possible light.Shocking. Grab a reader’s attention with the unexpected, and never underestimate the power of a compelling hook. Timely. You don’t have to break the next "whatever-gate" scandal, but offering a commentary on hot topics shows that your brand stays up to date on the latest.
  2. Are you passionate about your content?When readers view your content, it’s easier for them to tell if you’re passionate about it. They can also tell when it’s a hollow, self-serving attempt to promote your brand. Social media is heavily saturated with ads and businesses trying to push their agendas, but creating content you are passionate about will stand out from the rest and users will be more willing to share it.
  3. Does your content hit all the right emotional buttons?The Harvard Business Review found in a study that the top positive viral emotions that get the biggest response out of social media users are: amusement, interest, surprise, happiness, and delight. Generally speaking, people want to share content that makes them feel good so they can pass the feeling on to others.
  4. Will users find your content useful?If you’re on Facebook as often as we are, you’re no stranger to the many short recipes and life hacks posted daily by major content publishers like BuzzFeed – and there’s a reason you keep seeing them. People find this content useful and enjoy sharing the “aha!” moment.
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