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4 Cardinal Sins of Blog Design

David Bosley

We love new and unique blog designs, but when we come across one that commits any of the cardinal sins of blog design, our blood starts to boil. The content marketing firm, Brafton, recently put together this awesome infographic that outlines blog design blunders to avoid like the plague.

Tiny Text
A blog needs to be easy on the eyes, and publishing posts in a small font is a terrible strain for readers.

Wide Loads
A blog with overly-wide margins makes it challenging to scan a page from left to right. Stick to a standard page width and try to eliminate horizontal scrolling.

Walls of Text
Bite-sized paragraphs are much easier to digest than massive walls of text. However, don’t go overboard. Blog posts with standalone sentences are just as bad.

Format for Skimmers
Blog posts with content that don’t make it easy to jump around are doomed to fail. Breaking up a post with bold headers, bullet points, and numbers to make it easier to jump around and digest key takeaways.

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