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3 Steps to Create the Perfect Content Calendar

With the help of the professionals here at PBJ Marketing, creating quality content is easy. But when it comes to creating the perfect content marketing calendar that makes your SEO content the most effective, it takes a bit more thought.Creating content that is fresh, relevant, and engages your audience is important to all companies. The following steps will help you determine when to release your blogs, posts, and tweets to best achieve your content strategy.1. Sync up with your natural sales cycleThe sales cycle of every company differs significantly and usually hinges on whether you’re defined as business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C). Marketers should start by getting close with their sales department and figure out two key facts: (it’s okay… you’re all on the same team)

  • What does the typical lead-to-conversion cycle look like?
  • Who is your primary demographic?

Once you have these two important pieces of information, you can start categorizing content that best reaches your target audience.2. Come up with topics for your categoriesThe easiest way to come up with a long list of content topics is to hold a traditional brainstorming session. Remember, there are no wrong answers… yet. Try to think like your target audience and come up with topics they’re likely to view. Here’s a list of blog topics recently published on the PBJ blog – “Bits of Wisdom” – that we determined best talks to our audience:

Establishing your brand with fun, informative, and engaging content will quickly demonstrate your position as a thought leader in your industry, and ultimately, keep viewers coming back for more.3. Create a physical calendarWhether it’s paper or digital, start scheduling content release dates and stick to it. There are many different mediums to publish content, so make sure to evenly distribute your categories as well – as the outlets they’re published on – across the coming weeks. By viewing traffic to your website and social media outlets, publish content during peak user activity, while also releasing posts at times when you’d like to see boosted traffic.

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