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3 Keys to Make Sure Your Display Ads Pack a Powerful Punch

It takes years of experience before you can call yourself a master of display advertising, and even then, sometimes it feels like a crapshoot. Click-through rates on display ads are often lackluster, since getting the right people to click on your banner ads is a serious challenge. Luckily, with the right strategy, you can make your display ads pack a powerful punch.The trick to implementing successful display ads is knowing how to use analytics to ensure optimal page placement. Once you have analytics under your belt, you can augment your strategy with the following principals.

  1. Select your placementsGoogle’s end game when it comes to display ads is to get tons of impressions. Unfortunately, the vast majority of impressions don’t translate to conversions for your company. It’s easy to understand why it’s in Google interest for your ad to get impressions. After all, the more impressions your ad gets, the more Google gets paid.You can bolster your click-through rate by reviewing exactly where your ads are displaying. Odds are if you didn’t put a lot of thought into this from the get-go, they’re showing up next to content that isn’t relevant to your products and services. Instead, start to use topic and interest targeting to identify new websites that will allow delivery conversions.
  2. Review your keywordsThe use of keywords is usually reserved for SEO and content strategy, but “context targeting” makes it valuable for display adds, too. Refining keywords on a paid search campaign are relatively straightforward. Start by reviewing keywords that trigger your ads and spur engagement over the last few months. This information will not only inform which keywords are best to use but can also help with ad design.
  3. Investigate demographicsSelecting your demographic targeting seems very simple, but tons of digital marketing professionals aren’t doing it right. It’s straightforward. If most your customers are Millennial women, does it makes sense to market to Baby Boomers? If you’re not sure of who is coming to your site, luckily, Google Analytics makes it super simple.
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