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2018 Facebook Updates That Will Boost Your Marketing Savvy

David Bosley

Facebook has long been a friend to marketers, but are those days coming to an end? The new data privacy laws are wreaking havoc with the amount of information that can be shared, while these latest 2018 updates may be more supportive of marketers overall — that remains to be seen. The social networking giant created a section in their newly-renamed “Pages” area that allows any user to retrieve the advertising that is currently active on the account. While at first blush this seems like a boon and one step closer to treating advertising like content, marketers are still torn over whether this is a positive or negative move.


Advertising Transparency:  Plus Checks and Balances

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably seen a great deal of press about the Facebook ads that were allegedly purchased by Russia nationalists. This new focus on ad transparency and that includes a more vigorous review of political ads before they are posted to the site. That could mean a delay of up to several days, according to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Solutions for Gamer Marketing

Online and mobile games are incredibly lucrative on a variety of levels: from upgrades within the platforms to the advertising that is touted at every step of the process. Facebook recently pushed some updates that are specifically targeted to help gaming marketers connect more closely with their target audiences. The new playable ads provide a way for gamers to try before they make a purchase, which is expected to improve advertising ROI by up to 3.2 times, based on recent testing by Bagelcode. Select advertisers even have an opportunity to test an enticing new functionality targeted at engaging high-value gamers, looking to deepen the relationship with users who have already downloaded their app or who currently play online.

Stated Country of Origin

In what seems like an effort to head off additional input into the American political system by nation-state actors, Facebook is now requiring that Pages with a large U.S. following certify their country of origin. This primary home location will be tested, and any Page whose administrators fail to provide the authentication will be completely prevented from posting to their page. While this information will be widely available to individuals, it remains to be seen whether or not Americans will take the time to thoroughly research the origin of particular statements before sharing them on social media.