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2015: Another App-Happy Year

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous with everyday life. We use our iPhones, Androids, and tablets to share pictures, connect with old friends, and catch up on the daily news. As such, numerous companies have developed apps to streamline the process.iOS & Android DevelopmentAt PBJ Marketing, we believe in creating custom applications that not only elevate our clients’ brands and earnings but also makes their lives a little easier. Whether it’s developing a tool to facilitate collaboration and the sharing of business intelligence or designing interactive games that entertain while increasing e-mail database enrollment, we believe in developing custom iOS and Android applications that enable our clients to work smarter, not harder.A recent Nielson report highlights the most popular apps of 2015 based on the number of average unique users, and the list includes everything from video and music to navigation and messaging:

  1. Facebook – 126,702,000 average unique users
  2. YouTube – 97,627,000 average unique users
  3. Facebook Messenger – 96,444,000 average unique users
  4. Google Search – 95,041,000 average unique users
  5. Google Play – 89,708,000 average unique users
  6. Google Maps – 87,782,000 average unique users
  7. Gmail – 75,105,000 average unique users
  8. Instagram – 55,413,000 average unique users
  9. Apple Music – 54,550,000 average unique users
  10. Apple Maps – 46,406,000 average unique users

Facebook has established itself at the top of the list once again; with 8% more average unique users in 2015 than the previous year. Meanwhile, the social network’s messaging service – Facebook Messenger – experienced the largest year-over-year increase with a 31% spike in users.Read more about the Nielson report here.

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